Born and educated in Bangkok, Pomme completed her BA in Interior Design at Silpakorn University before working at the Bangkok offices of both WPP’s DY&R and Grey as a graphic designer. In 2002 she relocated to the UK for a Foundation in Graphic Design and Communication at the London College of Communication.  Pomme lived and worked in London until 2013 when she returned to Bangkok to open WhatIf Design shop and cafe, and her own Happy Pomme Studio.

Over the past five years, her drawings have been featured in many magazines, and she has worked on prestigious ad campaigns for the likes of Sony, MTV, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Marc Jacobs, Microsoft, The Guardian,Urban Outfitters, Nike and Topshop.  She has been the ambassador for many distinctive brands, such a Diane Von Furstenburg and Absolut Vodka.

Using her unique hand-drawn skill, Pomme Chan’s eclectic style gets its inspiration from everyday life. Nature, fashion, architecture and female form play a big part in her works. Pomme is also passionate about typographical illustrations, several of hers have appeared in Variety Magazine, Digital Arts Magazine and New York Times Magazine, among others.

Currently Pomme lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Pomme Chan's collection of 'Sex & Nation', which collaborated with One More Thing, is more than just a quirky, sassy illustration. But it may also be viewed as a means of exploring the human perspective, whether male or female. Can enjoy the stories that hidden in the textiles equally.

Sex & Nation

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