Born in Bangkok city in 1975, mixed media Artist Luck Maisalee graduated from College of Fine Arts, Bangkok, and Bachelor of Fine Arts from Chiang Mai University in 2001. His works are an experiment with various techniques, materials and often mixes things that are not accepted in the mainstream. He’s particularly interested in Outsider Art, such as Folk art, Naïve art, Primitive art, Craft as well as Childhood art.

In his current work, he utilizes characters that people are accustomed from various media in contemporary culture, for examples, posters and cartoons into the new perspective of his reinterpretation in order to narrate his ideas through works. Substantially, Luck never abandons his craftsmanship skills, therefore, his work is categorized as Contemporary Fine Art that harmoniously brings out primitiveness of old materials to the perfect combination.

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Uplift your mood with Luck Maisalee X OneMoreThing - a work of art that isn't shy to say that it's made for money! Luck Maisalee, an artist who has defied the "consumerism" culture through his drawings of characters that everyone is familiar with, in collaboration with the unconventional textile brand OneMoreThing


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